St. Petersburg: 4th St N – Store # 01319

Publix (Store #01319)

3700 4th St N
St Petersburg, FL 33704-1314
Main: (727) 526-4872
Pharmacy: (727) 521-3024

They will not accept Target coupons. They will accept Sav-a-lot, GFS, Nature's Finest, Sweetbay and Winn-Dixie.

Thanks, Jessika!


  1. Jessika says

    Last week the cashier told me they would not accept Whole Food coupons after I presented them. She asked a coworker and he agreed. Then, as I was walking to my car the coworker chased after me to tell me he asked his manager and they DO accept Whole Foods coupons!!!
    Michelle, was it a manager that told you about the Target coupons? I ask because every time I’ve tried to use them I am told they don’t accept them.

  2. Heather says

    Hi.. I just started working at Publix and I have been instructed by my managers to accept Target coupons. Just thought i’d let you guys know.

  3. Jessika says

    I just got the new coupon policy for this store and they accept:
    GFS, Sweetbay, The Fresh Market, Winn-Dixie and Sav-A-Lot.
    They no longer will accept Target as a competitor!!
    I spoke with customer service and they said they hope that will change but for right now, they will not accept Target.
    I guess I’m going to have to go to the Publix a couple of miles away that is next to Target. I use Target coupons way to much to continue to shop at a store that will not accept them.

  4. Aniko says

    I frequently shop at this Publix and they do accept Target and FResh Market coupons… also Winn Dixie and Save-a-lot…

    St. Petersburg: 4th St N – Store # 01319

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