Saint Cloud: 13th St – Store #00235

 Publix Center Of St. Cloud (Store #00235)
4401 13th St
Saint Cloud, FL 34769-6724
Main: (407) 498-3070
Pharmacy: (407) 498-3133
Store Hours: 7am-9pm M-S
Accepts Food Lion, Target, & Winn Dixie. We have been told they will no longer accept Albertsons because there are no longer any local stores.
Thanks Justina!


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    From a fellow couponer: Today I was approached by my favorite manager to let you guys know of some changes happening at our local publixes (St. Cloud, Fl: 192, Canoe Creek and Narcossee). After a weekend full of people misusing coupons(specifically Kmart coupons) our district is mandating a district wide policy starting Friday. What happened with the Kmart coupons? Well, people used them irresponsibly! I heard stories of people buying $100 worth of stuff and stacking FIVE of those coupons… why was it allowed? I don’t know but we all know “Publix is where shopping is a pleasure” so they usually don’t want to turn things down. But for obvious reasons they cannot continue this. So here is the new policy:
    * BJ’s, Target, Winn Dixie and Save-a-lot are considered local competitors and are the only ones that will be accepted.* Albertson’s and Food Lion will no longer be accepted.* You should not be “stacking” xx/xxx coupons (as example- the Kmart coupon situation above)* Remember publix does NOT get reimbursed for most competitors coupons! Be responsible. * If a coupon says Manufacturer coupon- but it says “Redeem at _________ Only” Its still a mfq and can be used at Publix as they will get reimbursed. * NO CVS or WALGREENS COUPONS! We all knew this was coming as so many people are couponing now and there are bound to be people who break the rules. The managers are now backing this policies. Things like “but we did it last week” or “just this time” are not going to be given. Please comply with the new rules. Honestly the only one that bums me out is the Food Lion and albertsons…but thats okay. We already get such great deals! I was told so I could spread the word— so feel free to re-post this with credit to Teach2$ave :) THANKS!

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