Prattville: Cobbs Ford Rd. Store #01228

High Point Town Center (Store #01228) . Prattville, AL
2451 Cobbs Ford Rd
Prattville, AL 36066-7763
Main: (334) 285-0227
Fax: (334) 285-3290
Pharmacy: (334) 285-0623
Competitor coupons accepted: Target, K-mart,Winn-Dixie, Piggly- Wiggly, Fresh Market, Toys R Us

Thanks Stacy!


  1. Stacy says

    I was told after today the store will no longer honor the $5 off $25 CVS/Walgreens/Rite Aid Coupons. Just a FYI for all in Prattville.

  2. Stephanie says

    I am in Prattville and for some reason their policy keeps changing. It is very annoying. I am trying to follow the rules, but depending on the time of day and manager there…it seems the rules are always different. Has anyone else had this trouble?

  3. Annoyed says

    I have had the same problem with one day they take a coupon and the next day they will not. Depends on your cashier. Had a friend go today 9/29/09 and would not take the $3 off any laundry detergent. Said they did not take toys r us. Very annoying makes you not want to shop at Publix after all the TIME you spend gathering coupons that they took one day and not the next. They need to be consistant with their policy or they are going to loose ALOT of bussiness.

    • laughing says

      HAHAHA.. cackling hens. Boo Hoo lack of $3 coupon honoring will make them “LOOSE BUSSINESS” (or lose business). Will your $3 savings allow you to buy a brain that can find the spell check button?

  4. says

    So far I haven’t had a problem with my coupons at the Prattville store. The new manager has only been there for a few weeks, but he is awesome and very willing to help couponers.

  5. Lindsey says

    Publix has been accepting CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and Family Dollar coupons in addition to those listed above.

    They have also been allowing the use of multiple $5/25 and $3/15 Rite Aid coupons in a single transaction!

  6. Karen says

    I have a question. Does Publix have a senior day? If so, when is it and how old do you have to be? Thanks, Karen

  7. punkindoodl says

    I wanted to let you know that the Prattville Publix also takes Food Lion, Dollar General, Walgreens, and Rite Aid coupons.

    • Julie says

      In my experience they do not accept Food Lion because there is not a food lion here to be a competitor but the rumor is that Food Lion is looking to come to the old Food World building and that they will accept them when the store gets here. They do accept the others.

  8. Diane says

    As of September 4, 2010 the Prattville Publix will only accept Winn Dixie as a competitor. I was told this when shopping yesterday.

  9. Stephanie Gillespie says

    I was told today they would not use any coupon that specified a particular store. So, if I understand that correctly, that means they will not honor any competitor.

    • Julie says

      today is a very sad day – no more target coupons accepted at Publix
      ::bows head and mourns the loss of savings::
      I verified this tonight – no more competitor coupons (except Winn Dixie and the $5/25 rite aid coupon that you print from red plum). Guess it is time to learn about the drug stores coupon policies because I will probably have to do some shopping there now.

  10. heather says

    I just spoke with the Prattville manager, Ron. He called me after I wrote corporate about the constant flux of coupon policies. He was just awesome. He asked that I come meet with him to go over their policies and what we, as couponers, face with the changes made. Customer loyalty is extremely important to Ron but he also has to make sure the store is profitable. He wants to find a way to make it work for everyone by having a very clear, easily understandable policy. Once they have a clear policy, everyone in the store will a) know it and b) get trained on it.

    I will meet with him on Sunday and then possibly, we could have a small panel of couponers come meet with Ron next weekend (10/2). SO – if you shop at the Prattville Publix, and would like to participate, I will arrange a date and time to meet with Ron. Not sure I can post my email address (Michelle – I’ll take it off it that isn’t okay) but this is one store that really does want some feedback; we have a unique opportunity as couponers.

    • Sandy says

      Hi Heather!
      I was wondering if you ever met with Ron and what the outcome was??? Ever since they changed their policy I haven’t shopped there anymore. Anyway, hope to see an update from you.

      • heather says

        Yes – I did meet with him and he was really great about the whole thing. We went through a number of issues, I brought in lots of examples to show him and he even went over to Target a number of times to see if they truly can be considered a competitor. Because they don’t have meat, produce or deli/bakery, he doesn’t feel like they are a true grocery store competitor. He will take any coupon that is a manufac. coupon printed from the target site (you’ll see it on the top of the coupon when you print it). However, the issue is just shelved for now. They may look at it more later. On the upside, I was able to get them to stop supressing the doubling for coupons that say “do not double” – since that is a marketing tool Publix uses to pull cusotmers in the store and comes out of their pockets – not the manufacturer’s pocket. If you want some more info, just shoot me an email :).

        • LindseyH says

          Thanks for speaking with him about that “doubling” issue we had a while back. Was thankful when the cashiers finally stopped doing that, it was driving me nuts!

          • heather says

            No problem :) For anyone else wondering (I’ve had several emails), Publix is working hard to make sure all their cashiers are properly trained to NOT suppress coupons with a value of $.50 or lower, even if they are marked “Do Not Double”. I just spoke with Ron, the GM, again today and he is making sure all of his managers remind cashiers not to suppress double coupons. He is such a swell guy!

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  12. Amy says

    Just thought I’d share my personal breakdown of P’ville Publix aisle by aisle. I’ve been meaning to get the printout that they have for the last year but only think of it when I’m prepping. Of course, when I finally made a special trip just for this purpose, they were out. Sigh. So since I was there on a mission, I just took pics of the hanging guides at the end of each aisle and made a little spreadsheet of my own. I had to add the meat and dairy at the back of the store from memory, so the order may not be perfect on that but is definitely close. Let me know if I’m missing something or if I’m out of order.

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