Orlando: Narcoossee Rd – Store # 00886

Cornerstone at Lake Hart (Store #00886)

10615 Narcoossee Rd
Orlando, FL 32832-6904
Main: (407) 277-1089
Pharmacy: (407) 277-1446

Competitors Accepted: Walmart, Walgreens, Target.

Thanks Kim!


  1. M says

    I work @ this store.Accepts expired Publix!
    Walgreens,CVS,Save-A Lot,BJ’s (not scanned & no overage)

  2. Lisa says

    All Publix stores in Florida, not sure if it’s company wide, are only accepting WinnDixie Coupons as competitor coupons. No Target, CVS, Walgreens, Save-a-lot, BJ’s or Albertson’s are accepted anymore.

  3. says

    This is the Publix store I shop at and a week ago they handed me a piece of paper with their new coupon policy and on the back was the competitors coupons they accept. It only had Winn Dixie listed. When I asked the cashier if they were no longer taking Target and Walgreens she said they would still take them. So I guess their written policy is Winn Dixie only but they may or may not take other competitor coupons. Very confusing! Can anyone clarify this?

  4. robin says

    Would not take my competitor coupons from Target at this store. can someone tell me Why Winn Dixi? i don’t know of a Winn Dixi within ten miles of here!

    • says

      Robin, there is a Winn Dixie about 8 miles down Narcoossee road, on the corner of 1-92, in St. Cloud. I guess that is their nearest competitor. Cannot believe they won’t take target or walgreens anymore!

      • Nessa says

        There’s also a Winn Dixie on the corner of curry ford and goldenrod. It’s pretty lousy that this store is literally 2 mins from my house and it only takes coupons from a store i hardly ever frequent or find coupons for..
        However I will say that i used a Save-a-Lot $5 off of $25 purchase this month at the publix on semoran (the Lake Fredrica plaza with Walmart on other side) so I don’t think the so-called nationally updated coupon policy is really being utilized everywhere.. Actually, I wasn’t even aware there’d been a change as I haven’t met any resistance to my competitor coupons..yet.

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