Ocala: E Silver Springs Blvd – Store #00061

 Forty East Shopping Center (Store #00061)
3450 E Silver Springs Blvd
Ocala, FL 34470-6406
Main: (352) 671-3443
Pharmacy: (352) 671-3770
Liquor Store: (352) 620-8976
Accepts Winn Dixie, Target, Wal-Mart, Sweet Bay, CVS, Walgreens

Thanks a bunch Christine!


  1. Randi B. says

    Don’t bother shopping here – go to Pearl Britain Publix 2 miles away… as of 12/11/10 they only accept ONE coupon per “deal”. When I asked what a “deal” was the store manager defined it as “any advertised special”. You can use either a manufacturer’s coupon OR publix OR competitor but only one even if the deal is B1G1 you can only use one coupon for two items. Also, I’ve had too many rude cashiers there.

    Pearl Britain Publix is uses the usual FL rules, only no Target store brand coupons ($1 off Up and Up detergent).

    Even better is the new store on US 27 just past I-75, they take the Target store brand.

  2. Glenn says

    My mother and I was in your store at Christmas time. You have the most helpful people working. But the one that helped the most was a young lady named Theresa. (I think that was the name on her tag). She took the time and helped my mother find things that she was looking for. I know this young lady had alot of things to be doing but she took the time to help one little old lady . This made the stay in Ocala alot better. My mother has call our family
    that we was there seeing and ask if they could please tell this young lady thank you. In times like today it is always nice to see that grocery stores can have nice friendly people working for them. Thanks once again.

  3. Kay says

    Absolutely loathe this Publix location! However, it is the only one on the Blvd. in Ocala, and the closest Publix to me (17 miles away). The only good thing about it is that it is convenient (location-wise). They only take Winn Dixie and Sweetbay coupons. Not Save-A-Lot or Target – even though, those two stores are much closer than Sweetbay. In the past few years, I rarely have gotten a cashier at this location who didn’t have an “attitude” towards coupons. I have a problem with mine scanning, and when I absolutely have to use this location, I always get a cashier who makes a big deal of the coups not scanning and act as though it is putting her out having to manually enter the coupon amount.

  4. April says

    I do love this Publix and shop here all the time. I never have any problems using coupons but I totally wish they still took Target coupons :( Great advice I read one time was always look for the younger guys at the check out lanes. For some reason they are friendlier about the coupons and don’t give any attitude. :)

  5. Anna says

    Watch out for an employee that works there named Michelle (if I remember correctly). She is a tall, heavier, dark-haired chick with major issues with coupons. Even if she is not working your register and stocking shelves and sees you using coupons, she feels the need to come over and “inspect them” to the point where you are feeling harassed. (Even after the cashier has scanned and taken them all off of your order!) This happened on more than one occasion to me and my mother-in-law and we have not been back to this location since.

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