Montgomery: Vaughn Rd-Store #01026

Cornerstone (Store #01026)
7700 Vaughn Rd
Montgomery, AL 36116-1337
Main: (334) 290-4920
Pharmacy: (334) 290-4922
Competitor Coupons Accepted: Winn Dixie

Thanks Donna


  1. Mary Allison says

    I emailed Publix last week about the coupon policy at the Cornerstone location in Montgomery, AL. The manager called me back this morning. He said they accept all competitor coupons including all the drug stores and pharmacies, such as CVS. The only store you can use dollar off coupons from is Winn Dixie. They double coupons up to 50 cents and also accept all vendor(manufacturer) coupons. Just thought I would update this to let anyone in the Montgomery area know! :)

    • Salina says

      That is so great to know. I don’t live in Montgomery anymore, but am up there at least a couple of times a month. I always plan a Publix trip when I am. So the Cornerstone Publix will accept Walgreen’s Register Rewards and CVS ECBs? And I am assuming they will accept Target coupons as competitor coupons? I just want to verify because I do plan to shop this store this weekend.

  2. Montgomery Lady says

    Thank you so much for checking into this! I love this Publix and am so happy to see the exact rules here. Blessings to you and much fun with the coupon game! M

  3. Dana says

    I called this store last week to verify the policy. They said they do take Target as a competitor. I didn’t ask about the RR or CVS ECB’s.

  4. Jennifer says

    I’ve also talked with the store manager of the Cornerstone Publix and he said that until Corp. tells him otherwise, he would continue taking Target coupons.

    • Melissa says

      The Cornerstone publix has stopped taking Target coupons as of 5/23/11. They have a new coupon policy. :(

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