Madison: Hwy 72 W – Store # 00745

Colonial Promenade Madison (Store # 00745)

7830 Highway 72 W
Madison, AL 35758-9500
Main: (256) 864-0112
Fax: (256) 864-0899
Pharmacy: (256) 864-0511

Competitors Accepted: According to the store manager, they take "traditional" grocery store coupons - stores with a deli and Kroger, Star Market, Target and Walmart yes, but CVS, Walgreens, etc. are a no. However, he did say that the pharmacy will accept the $20 credit for transferring a prescription from other pharmacies (Kroger, CVS, Walgreen, KMart). This is great! Also, they do not consider Food World or Food Lion competitors, since the closest ones are too far away. This Publix will also take their own expired store coupons (LU#) up to 30 days past expire date.

Thanks Kari!


  1. Crystal says

    Visited this Publix a couple of nights ago and it’s true- they accept their own expired coupons! I must have used more coupons than items because the cashier, though friendly, got a bit flustered and confused when the manager had to come help finish the transaction.

  2. Katie says

    I just got home from this Publix and my cashier told me that they had changed their policy to only allow you to be able to use coupons on one item of the BOGO sales. I asked her if this had been changed this week and she said they had changed it on Monday. Publix corporate site doesn’t mention it anywhere, but I just thought i would let you know in case it happened to any of you.

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