Madison: County Line Rd – Store # 01185

Village Shoppes of Madison (Store #01185)

12070 County Line Rd
Madison, AL 35756-2000
Main: (256) 230-2626
Fax: (256) 230-2637
Pharmacy: (256) 230-2631

Competitors Accepted: This store adheres to the Alabama guidelines: accepts major grocer coupons that are nearby: Star Market, Kroger, EarthFare, Dollar Market and Target (including Kroger's $5 off $50 type of coupon). No drugstores. Only one store coupon per item. No triple stacking allowed.  Expired store coupons (of any date) ARE allowed.

Thanks Crystal!


  1. Crystal says

    Ok, here’a a little update on the store’s policies. You know sometimes you get different view points depending on who you talk to! Triple stacking IS allowed (one Man. Q, one Publix Q and one Competitor Q). Expired store coupons are accepted ONLY for baby items. Who knew? Thanks, PULBIX!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Publix!

  2. says

    Are they still going to be accepting triple stacking or is that changing May 23rd? I can’t believe the Publix in Madison on 72/Hughes is no longer accepting Star Market. Especially when it is less than 1/2 mi away.

  3. Crystal says

    Co. Line Road is accepting expired store coupons within a week of expiration. Other than that, they follow the new guidelines. :)

    Has anyone ever heard of Star Market coupons? I was told (by an employee at Star Market) that they don’t have store coupons. Anyone know differently?

  4. rc says

    I shopped @ Publix on County Line and she would only take a Target and a man. q for my Off product-she would not take the Publix q from the yellow flyer-she said only one store q per item. I thought u could use a man., a comp., and a store q.???

  5. Katie says

    the only star coupons i have ever seen have been in a discount book sold as a fundraiser and it contained a page of $5 off $50. I use one nearly every time i show without any trouble! I will definitely be keeping my eye out for next years book to come out!

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