Jacksonville: Race Track Rd – Store #01084

Plantation Plaza (Store #01084)
2750 Race Track Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32259-3227
Main: (904) 230-3970
Pharmacy: (904) 230-3965
Competitors Accepted: Food Lion, Winn Dixie, Walgreens(?), CVS(?), Target, Walmart, Cosco...

Note 7/15/2010: Teri reports that all Jacksonville stores no longer accept CVS or Walgreens as competitors. Verify with your store.

Thanks Amy!!


  1. Lisa says

    I spoke to the Manager and they have handed out a small Publix Coupon Policy stating that this store will only take Winn Dixie, Food Lion, Fresh Market, and Whole Foods; no more Food Lion, CVS, Walgreen or Target as of 5/23/11. Each Publix now has it posted (at least in Jacksonville, FL) as to what each store will take. I used my last bunch on 5/22 and had to throw away $8.00 in expired Publix coupons since they no longer take those either.

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