Deerfield Beach: West Hillsboro Blvd – Store #00872

Westcreek Commons:  Store #00872
4760 West Hillsboro Blvd.
Deerfield Beach, FL  33073

Accepts:   Winn Dixie & Albertsons

Updated Competitors accepted (5/15/2011): Doris, Target, Whole Foods Market, Winn DIxie.

Thanks a bunch Tracie and NL!!


  1. Dee says

    I am sad to inform you fellow couponers that this store is by far the least coupon friendly Publix I have shopped at. I was questioned about each coupon asking what each was for. I was told Publix does not allow overage under any circumstances at any store, & I know undoubtably that they do allow overage. Was charged an additional $22.31 that I did not owe for my purchases. Had to go back into the store to get my money back & was again questioned by the cashier after the manager realized the cashier made a mistake. The cashier continued on telling me he wasn’t wrong for that over charge. It was such a hassle for me to complete my transaction at this location. I would not want anyone to have to go through what I went through. I will be contacting corporate so our future shopping trips will not go as chaotic as this one did.

  2. says

    I also had several bad experiences at PUBLIX concerning coupons. Most of the cashiers do not even know their own store policy. I was questioned about items after they were already bagged and had to scour through to show the item. I complained to the manager and he assured me they will work on the problem. Yesterday I was handed a flyer with new store policy and who they consider competor coupons. The policy is much more stringent and they are limiting the amount of items that can be purchased with a coupon. Also, if your coupons doens’t look like an original printed from the printer, they can reject it. I have this problem when my printer is running low on ink so I’m sure the problem is only going to get worse. If they continue to make it uncomfortable for me to shop there, I will go to Super Target or Winn Dixie. Who says “shopping is a pleasure” at Publix! I’m beginning to wonder!

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