Dallas: Villa Rica Hwy – Store #01217

The Village at New Georgia - Store #01217

7953 Villa Rica Hwy
Dallas, GA 30157-8619
Main: (678) 840-4676
Pharmacy: (678) 840-4677

Competitors Accepted: Any competitor coupon if the store is within the state of GA -Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid, BJ's, Ingles, Kroger, Piggly Wiggly, Food Lion, Babies R Us.

Thanks to Traci and JBratch for the info!


  1. Contessa B says

    They only accept: Kroger, Ingles & Food Lion as a competitor. I go to this Publix just about everyday. They use to accept the others but they stopped.

  2. Brparker says

    I asked the manager when I was in there the other day and she said they take pretty much any coupon from any store. Personally, I have been able to use Walgreen and Target coupons there so far.

    • Jessica says

      Hey yall, I go to this store every week also and I lately have been able to use any competitor in the state of Georgia. I have used Whole Foods, Target, Rite Aid, Earth Fare here. Good to see others in the same store couponing too!

  3. Koshia C says

    I was told by customer service that they only accept Kroger, Ingles, Food Lion because they are considered “grocery stores”. Haven’t tried using the Target ones, but maybe I will and see what happens.

  4. Stephanie says

    They have offiially stopped taking all other competitors coupons except Kroger, Ingles, & Food Lion as of 5/23/11. They now have it published on their windows and they have a handout on the turnabout at the entrance with their official coupon policy on one side and the accepted stores coupons listed on the other side.

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