Athens: US Hwy 72 Store #1203

Store #1203

22031 US Highway 72
Athens, AL 35613-2614
Main: (256)230-2315
Manager: Bill Waring
Competitor Coupons Accepted:  Rite Aid, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Food Lion, Kroger (They have always taken anything I have had)

Policies: Will  allow overages on MQs, Does not require coupon for mystery item
Notes: I have rarely found coupon books or tear pads at this store.  Usually only thing they have is the advantage flyer.  Store manager told me that

they do not put out all of the coupon books because they go in two days usually so he holds them behind the counter at the service desk.  Store manager is very nice!

Thanks so much Nancy!!


  1. Kristi says

    I asked the Athens Publix store just last week about which competitors coupons they will take. They will NO longer take Food Lion or Harveys because they are not local competitors. They WILL take Kroger, Piggly Wiggly, or anything else that is a local competitor.

  2. Victoria says

    She says “Does not require coupon for mystery item.” Is the “mystery item” the same as the penny item? Sorry, this is all new to me.

  3. Sharon says

    Yes, mystery item and penny item are the same thing. The store now requires a coupon for it. I was informed last week. The coupon is in the Wednesday Huntsville paper. I probably won’t be buying a paper for just one coupon, but that’s the new policy at this location.

  4. Jennifer says

    I called and asked them if they consider Family Dollar a comp and they do not. :-( sad because there is a FD only about 20 min away from them.

  5. BigMama says

    Just to let you know, when I left the Athens store, they were only taking Target, Sav-A-Lot, and Food World (not price matching coupons, only $$ off ones). They might take Kroger now, but not sure.

  6. Liz says

    This store no longer takes competitor coupons except for hometown market. Also I am 99% sure that you have to have the coupon to get the mystery item. The signs on the mystery items says “with coupon.” Also I have not seen overages allowed on any purchase I have made here. I have been shopping here for the past 2 years and this is what I have learned. They did take competitor coupons up until a couple of months ago though. They are however very nice and are extremely coupon friendly and patient :)

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