Athens: Barnett Shoals Rd – Store #01146

Georgetown Square - Store #01146
1860 Barnett Shoals Rd
Athens, GA 30605-6811
Main: (706) 227-6260
Pharmacy: (706) 227-6265

Competitors Accepted: Kroger, Ingles, Piggly Wiggly, Rite Aid

Thanks to Jennifer for the info!


  1. Chelle says

    I love this store. They are always so nice and customer friendly when it comes to my coupon use. I recommend shopping here!

  2. Sharon M. says

    Just started shopping at this store, so aksed them today, August 3rd, 2011, and the girl gave me a copy of the coupon policy and on the back they only take Ingles, and Kroger coupons. They had plenty of the yellow ad coupons, and didn’t have any of the green flyer coupons left.

  3. Sharon M. says

    They did have College Care Package coupon flyer,it was laying on the counter as you walked in, just had to look for it.

  4. says

    I shop in Publix on Barnett Shoals in Athens, GA for all these reasons:

    1. Store itself is very CLEAN!
    * Wide & open aisles – easy to traverse around others’ carts
    * Great produce & meat/fish depts. – best & freshest produce, meat & fish
    * Great pharmacy dept. – providing diabetes medication & supplies is great!
    * Willing to order special items (even Budweiser’s red beer!)

    2. Employees are simply the best & friendliest I’ve ever encountered. They take a personal, caring approach to customers. This factor alone makes me want to shop there. And NONE are related to me either!

    My daughter thought Publix is more expensive than Kroger’s nearby, but I shopped both for awhile & compared prices and found little difference. Kroger is so jam-packed, it’s hard to get around. Publix is a far better laid out & organized store. I have no financial or other interest.

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