Alpharetta -State Bridge Rd #00721

Store #00721
4305 State Bridge Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30022-4471
Main: (770) 751-7991
Manager: James Mowery
Competitors:  According to Customer Service,  "We take all of them, including FL, Kroger, etc."
Add. Info:  Only one "bar code" coupon may be used per item.  A "bar code" coupon and a Publix coupon w/o a bar code may be used together.  (I heart this Publix.)

Thanks SuperCouper!!

Additional info provided by John:

Alpharetta Commons (Store #00721)
4305 State Bridge Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30022-4471
Main: (770) 751-7991
Fax: (770) 751-4595
Pharmacy: (770) 751-7997
Event Planning: (770) 751-8561
Cooking School: (770) 751-8560
Competitor coupons accepted: Kroger, Food Lion, Target, Whole Foods, Ingles
Policies: Will  allow overages on MQs, Does not require coupon for mystery item
Notes: Good source of coupon booklets, tearpads


  1. John says

    They usually will mark down coupons (both manu and store Q) instead of giving overage. Their cashiers seem well trained in this area.

    They require the physical Publix Q in order to give the mystery item for 1 cent.

    They are the best local Publix for coupon booklets, tearpads, etc.

  2. John says

    One question for SuperCouper….Have you tried using Walgreens Register Rewards (RRs) at this Publix? Do they accept them? I can rack up a good amount of RRs and they expire in two weeks from issue making it hard to use them. I’d love it if I could use them for groceries at Publix rather than just buying semi-useless things at Walgreens just to use them before they expire.

  3. SuperCouper says

    Good question, John. Not sure about Walgreens RR — I gave up Walgreens about a month ago. However, I did use the Rite Aid $5 off of $25 purchase yesterday and had zero problems. They not only seem knowledgeable, but the cashiers and managers seem to welcome my coupon usage. I make sure that I follow the rules and don’t become obnoxious. 😉

  4. John says

    Sorry Michelle….I think I had a typo in the file I sent you….this store (in my experience and according to customer service) will not allow overages….they mark the Q down. I think I left out the “not” in my doc.

    Thanks for the info SuperCouper. I try to use RRs at Wags because they are often a high value “coupon” and I don’t think Publix gets that money back (even though it declares itself a Manu Q) so I would rather not have Publix lose $10 or $20 when I can use them at Wags….but when in a bind on one that is expiring, I’d much rather get something I need (at Publix) rather than something I don’t (at Wags).

  5. John says

    Oh my god….I am not normally this scatter-brained. Please ignore my remarks about this store not giving overage. There are two Publix stores on State Bridge Road. This one gives the overages (assuming of course you spend it on other items purchased in the same transaction). It’s the *other* Publix on State Bridge that doesn’t give the overage.

    Sorry for my back and forth comments….I wanted to set the record straight….overages are permitted at this store.

  6. Jennifer says

    Effective 10/1/09 Coupon is required for mystery item. Also they no longer take Ride Aid and Walgreens coupons that are $5 off $25. The cashiers at this store are not always informed about competitor coupons especially FL and Harveys. One day someone will take it and the next day they will not. But they do accept them according to management so if you have a problem go to Customer Service.

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